How to Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids Fast – Mild and Severe Cases

A lot of people at one point in time or the other in their lives have experienced pains, itching, bleeding, inflammation or swelling in the veins of their rectum or anal canal. These could be signs that they have or are battling with hemorrhoids. The other known name for this condition is pile. This may not be a serious health issue, however, precaution should be taken to get the most effective treatment and get rid of the condition before it gets worse. You must understand that there is a tendency for this condition becoming life threatening in severe cases.

Here are ways applied to treat mild or severe hemorrhoids.

The types of hemorrhoid and treatment

To get rid of hemorrhoids fast, the cause should be addressed. Also the type of should be identified. In the medical spheres, the common types of known hemorrhoids include: Prolapsed Hemorrhoids, Thrombosed Hemorrhoids and Strangulated Hemorrhoids. These could be classified into internal or external depending on whether the internal tissues or external tissues are affected. So, the cause and type of hemorrhoids will provide a clue to the effective treatment.

How to get rid of mild hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are not something to be underrated because it could make you life unbearable. The physical and psychological effects are obvious. Changes in lifestyles like dieting, exercising, and the use of some anti inflammatory drugs can help get rid of this condition. Also, applying lotions like the Witch Hazel, hemorrhoids creams with lidocaine, and taking Sitz bath are other effective ways to get rid of the condition.

Surgical procedure for severe hemorrhoids

If the hemrrhoids is severe then your doctor may recommend surgery. Hemorrhoidectomy and Procedure for Prolapsed and Hemorrhoids are two common procedures that could be recommended. Any of these can be carried out after detailed examinations.

So, there are sure ways to get rid of mild and severe hemorrhoids.  You should talk to your doctor if you are experiencing any of the known symptoms of hemorrhoids. This will help to identify if your condition is mild or severe so that an effective way to get rid of it can be applied.

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