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Arm training day is without doubt one of the most favored workout days, everyone who ever steps foot inside the gym wants to build big arms, no matter which group you train biceps and triceps will always be the favored combo. However, the question you must ask yourself is are you getting the most out of your biceps and triceps workout? This guide willl give you a quick anatomy and biomechanics of this popular muscle combo.

There are many muscles that control the movement of the arm, however we will stick to the basic muscles that control the major flexion and extension of the arm for now. The tricep muscles are made up of three heads including lateral, long, and medial heads (shown in the image below). The biceps are made up of three muscles including the long and short heads, and the brachialis all which make up the front of the arm. There are many muscles that control the arms, however most gym goers will only usually focus on the muscles mentioned above.

The muscle you work in the arm can vary, depending on the angle, grip and exercise used. The short head of your biceps works alongside with the deltoids to raise the shoulders (know as shoulder flexion). The biceps and the brachialis both work in supinating the wrist (twisting the palm up). On the other side of your arm lay the triceps, the bigger of the two muscle groups. Now the long head of the triceps works in two ways, first being fully streatched when the arm is raised for exercise like overhead extensions, while it also works when the shoulder is extended in movement such as pullovers. The medial head tends to work more with a pronated grip (when your palms are facing down) with exercises such as pressdowns, finally the lateral head works with the reversed grip (palms facing up or with your palms facing) such as reverse pushdowns or rope pushdowns. Now you know how the arms work lets get to the workout!



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