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If you’re knocking back daily cans of soda, your muscles may be feeling it more than your stomach. That’s because drinking too much of the bubbly beverages may increase your risk of hypokalemia, a dropping in blood potassium levels that results in problems with vital muscle functions.

Symptoms can range from mild weakness to serious paralysis, say Greek researchers. They conducted a small review of people who drank between two to nine liters of cola a day (seriously, nine liters?) and highlighted the three most common ingredients in cola—glucose, fructose and caffeine—as being the main contributors to hypokalemia.

Meaning that it’s not just soda that can cause hypokalemia, but also high-sugar and highly-caffeinated foods and beverages.

Think you may be feeling the effects of hypokalemia? Your muscle function will return to normal if you cut out soda and other unhealthy, sugary foods and beverages from your diet.

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